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Hi, I’m Cameron - A photographer, writer and creative producer based in the UK. Unfamiliar Comforts is an extension of my journal and acts as a space to turn on the “big light” and show people my writing, most of which would otherwise stay hidden on my desktop somewhere.

I write a mix of everything and Unfamiliar Comforts will be an honest attempt at exploring life, creativity, arts + photography and more via essays and long form stories, features and conversations, poetry and prose. The aim is to throw it all in the pot and bake!
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I am hoping to build a community of writers, readers and thoughtful thinkers here at Unfamiliar Comforts. Please get in touch, share comments and links to your own writing, I would love to connect.

My Website: www.cameron-alexander.com

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An honest attempt at exploring life, creativity, photography, art and more.


Cameron Alexander is a photographer, writer and producer based in the UK. 'Unfamiliar Comforts' is an honest attempt at exploring life, arts, creativity, photography + more. Writing will include: Stories, Essays, Poetry, Interviews & Profiles.