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Im a photographer mostly, but I have been writing nearly as long. Often in a dark corner at a desk with a lamp. This is sort of a chance to turn on the “big light” and take some of the stories with me. In mirror to my photography, I will be sharing a mix of everything. Mainly because I write a mix of everything. Fiction and Non Fiction. Poetry and attempts at Poetry. Stories and Insights into things I have seen or heard and quite frankly made up. Stories about my life, my dog, Scotland, the sea, books, paper, spring, people I like, people I don’t like. A real mix of it all.

If you want to come and be a part of this, thank you.


What to Expect

I will aim to post 4 times a month, with a mix of content available to free subscribers and paid subscribers. I will monitor this as time goes on to see what works best. Any feedback on what you enjoy reading and what you don’t will be very welcome! Ideas too!

I will build a more structured fall out as time goes by. But for now I see Stories: A selection of fictional stories. More often than not of characters i’d like to photograph. Descriptions of pictures that I haven’t taken but like to pretend I have. Non Fiction: A chunk of writing about things I see or read. Anything relating to our daily lives. Features / Insights: A look into the work of other photographers and writers that I enjoy. Field Notes: an insight and write up on some of the notes I’ve made over the years. Pulled from the pages of my journals. I might try turning some of them into short stories.

The rest I am yet to decide.


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My Website: www.cameron-alexander.com

Come and join in!

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An honest attempt at exploring life, creativity, photography, art and more.


Cameron Alexander

Cameron Alexander is a photographer, writer and producer based in the UK. 'An Unfamiliar Comfort' is an honest attempt at exploring life, arts, creativity, photography + more. Writing will include: Stories, Essays, Poetry, Interviews & Profiles.